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December 21, 2011 – Written by Amanda DiSilvestro

Keywords to Optimize Social Media

Although many businesses don’t know it, keywords and text are valuable for more than just Google results pages. The same logic that applies to the importance of SEO content also applies to social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After all, these social networks have a search function similar to that of Google. In other words, think of these social networks as simply a different search engine, but just on a slightly smaller scale.

This idea works for both businesses and individuals looking to improve their personal brand. You need to think like the target audience using these social networks, and then think about words they would use to describe you or your company. Once you have the keywords you want to incorporate, you’re set to go. You’ll want to more prominence when these searches take place, so it’s important to make the content look natural, yet apparent on your social media sites. You can do this a few different ways:

  • Fill in captions of photos with keywords and use tags with keywords whenever possible.
  • Utilize keywords each time you change your status on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Include keywords in your LinkedIn headline. They give you a lot of room, so take advantage.
  • Place keyword-rich descriptive text in the summary sections of all your accounts.

Although this may seem obvious, many businesses get nervous about constantly using keywords on social media sites because social media is supposed to be “cool.” The key, however, is to making them look natural. What you don’t want it spammy looking content that is stuffed with keywords which doesn’t engage the reader.

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5 Tips on How to Go About Social Network MarketingIf you have a Facebook or Twitter profile, you are probably thinking that social network marketing is easy. After all, you’ve had a lot of practice on these social networks with your friends. Right?

Wrong. Running a company profile on Facebook and Twitter is so much different from how you run your personal profile. The people who follow you aren’t friends who will be forgiving of the
faux pas you commit online. These are people whose opinions matter when it comes to your brand.

Like you, many other social network marketers are still feeling their way through this whole new phenomenon. Not everyone has done so successfully. The good thing is, we can learn from those who have gone before us.

We’ve put together some how-to advice on social network marketing. Some of these suggestions are practical ones that you’ve probably heard before. Still, it always helps to know the fundamentals before you start to do your own thing.

So here are our five how-to’s for a successful social network marketing campaign:

  1. You can’t be in two social networks at once.
As a multitasking marketer, you’re probably so excited to start social network marketing on Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook that you open an account in each of these and start tweeting, plurking, and posting status updates. Yes, that happens to most of us newbies. However, what we all fail to see is that like in real life, it’s simply impossible to be active in all social networking sites at once. And because you can’t . . .
  1. Focus on only one social network and strengthen your fan base there.
When we multitask, sometimes the quality of our work is sacrificed. That is also how it’s like when we straddle two social networks at one time. The trick is to focus on only one. Know all the ins and outs of that social network. Build your fan base there. Engage your followers, post regular updates, run a contest. Once you have established a strong fan base, you can rest easy and let someone else take over while you build another base in another social network.
  1. Get someone to represent your brand.
If you have a brand ambassador, it helps to have that person moderate or manage your social network profile by posting status updates, asking a question, or running a contest. Find a person that your fans can relate to. People don’t easily trust a brand unless they are familiar with the person behind the logo.
  1. Let the real you shine.
Don’t be a put-on. Your fans will know if you’re faking it. Social networking is all about engaging people, getting to know them, sharing your thoughts—building relationships. You can’t build a relationship based on something that isn’t real.
  1. Participate.

Remember that you’re not the only one out there. There are other social media marketers who are working to further their brands. Go and start a conversation with others. Network the way you would offline. Ask questions. You will find that you’ll learn a lot about improving your brand — and not just about social media marketing — by engaging those around you in real conversations.A social network is also, in some ways, a social situation — and the way we treat other people has an impact on how we are viewed. Being kind, nice, and polite will take you a long way down the social network marketing trail, and maybe you’ll find that by being so, you won’t be trudging down a lonely road.

Facebook Marketing Information You Should Know

Facebook Marketing Information

Facebook Marketing

What makes Facebook marketing so special? For one, it’s one of the biggest if not the biggest social media websites on the Internet today. What does that mean to you? It means millions and millions of people are chatting, sharing and searching for something every day at this one site.

Jumping into this site with a great fan page and a couple of great ads just may be the thing your business needs. If you already have a Facebook fan page and things are moving a little too slow for you, perhaps you need to take a step back and re-review your current campaign. Did you know that the average Facebook user has a minimum of 150 “friends”? Yes, that is a lot.

Facebook is taking social media by storm and people are joining every day. You need to take advantage of this playing field; there is a piece of the action in it for you. The tricky part is finding the best spot on the field. With some investigation and some trial and error, Facebook marketing will become easier each step of the way.

If you haven’t been able to get around your obstacles yet, there are some great tactics you can try. One thing you can do is check out the competition. This is something that works on the Internet and in the brick and mortar world.

How to Social Network Marketing
You should create a fan page which is super easy to do. Once you do, keep it interesting and up to date as possible. Keep the page lively and entertaining; of course, limit it to the scope of what you are offering. Be sure to keep posts and tag lines short and sweet. Get your readers engaged; this can be done by asking questions of your readers and/or adding a poll widget. The answers should be used as part of your Facebook marketing campaign as the answers/results will give you a good idea as to who your target is.

Remember that Facebook is a social media site, so don’t bombard everyone with promos or special offers. You want to be a friend first and then begin introducing them to what you have to offer; just don’t be too pushy about it otherwise you’ll lose their friendship. The more friendships you have, the greater opportunities will open up for you. Facebook marketing can be a lot of fun and it should be.

This is the time to be creative and try new marketing strategies out. With so many users signed on every day, there is bound to be someone who will like what you have to offer. It only takes one and this it will escalate from there. Try a campaign where you post several images for a new logo and ask your readers for their opinion; everyone likes to give their opinion about something.

For newbie’s, advertising will be one of the most expensive tasks that must be done. A Facebook fan page is free and an ad starts out at about $20.00 which is a super cheap way to get your company’s name out into the public eye. Facebook is fun and is free; just remember to be friendly and keep it professional.

Sure you can advertise in your local newspaper or send out flyers, but why not use the benefits of the Internet? Facebook marketing is easy, cheap and a lot of fun.

Be sure to read the section on 3 Advertising Myths of Facebook.

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